International Network Management

Here at Media Empire Company Ltd. we provide innovative and cost-effective marketing strategies to accelerate our partnersí business expansion in Thailand. With repeated success in international network management, working with associates from numerous countries worldwide, we know what it takes to effectively communicate, collaborate, and connect with global partners and provide them with the local support and facilitation needed to establish their business interests in Thailand and the region.

At Media Empire Company Ltd. language is not an obstacle. Our staff is well experienced in working with international partners and we have in our employ native English speakers fully adept at verbal and written communications in correct English while being fluent in Thai as well.

We provide support in the way of:

» Product positioning and advertising optimized for the Thai market

» Advertisement strategy, design and production

» Marketing planning and strategizing

» Network marketing acceleration and expansion

» Language support and translation work

» Legal advice and legalization processing

Supanut Donchan

Media Marketing Expert and Social Entrepreneur
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