Media Empire Company Ltd. is investing in the media and entertainment professionals of the future through our radio/television host and performing arts training programs.

Since we started work in this field, many new radio/television hosts have completed our training course and moved on to be successful media personalities themselves.

Our courses focus on teaching aspiring entertainers, artists and media personalities all the fundamentals of what it means to be a public personality, whether as a performer, singer, radio DJ or TV MC.

In our media courses, we focus on proper language use; on responsible, socially conscious media content and reporting; and on giving students the practical tools they need to truly be media professionals. Our expert instructors draw from their own broad experiences to give students an extra competitive edge in the media industry.

For our performing arts courses, seasoned entertainers pass on their expertise to young trainees, providing them with the wherewithal to launch into the entertainment industry with confidence.

Media Empire Company Ltd. is expert at hosting training and motivational seminars, workshops and retreats on a variety of topics relating to sales and marketing, health and wellness, network and team building, community development and social responsibility etc. We have the infrastructure to create a variety of training program formats, and the connections to facilitate whatever needs we face in the field.

Other than simply organizing events, we have at our disposal an impressive panel of lecturers, motivators, experts, and academics well equipped to teach and train on a vast range of topics.

Supanut Donchan

Media Marketing Expert and Social Entrepreneur
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